Alina Marian ; Xiaolei Zhao - On the group of zero-cycles of holomorphic symplectic varieties

epiga:5506 - Épijournal de Géométrie Algébrique, March 13, 2020, Volume 4 -
On the group of zero-cycles of holomorphic symplectic varieties

Authors: Alina Marian ; Xiaolei Zhao ORCID-iD

    For a moduli space of Bridgeland-stable objects on a K3 surface, we show that the Chow class of a point is determined by the Chern class of the corresponding object on the surface. This establishes a conjecture of Junliang Shen, Qizheng Yin, and the second author.

    Volume: Volume 4
    Published on: March 13, 2020
    Accepted on: March 13, 2020
    Submitted on: May 23, 2019
    Keywords: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry

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    Source : ScholeXplorer IsRelatedTo ARXIV math/0504202
    Source : ScholeXplorer IsRelatedTo DOI 10.1007/s00222-005-0484-6
    Source : ScholeXplorer IsRelatedTo DOI 10.48550/arxiv.math/0504202
    • 10.1007/s00222-005-0484-6
    • 10.1007/s00222-005-0484-6
    • 10.48550/arxiv.math/0504202
    • math/0504202
    Singular symplectic moduli spaces

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