2024 Demailly Prize

The 2024 Demailly Prize is awarded to zbMATH Open.

Christian Bär (editor in chief, remote), Klaus Hulek (former editor in chief) and Olaf Teschke (managing editor) will represent zbMATH Open during the award ceremony which will take place on June 12th, 2024 in Jussieu (Paris). Information and registration to the afternoon on open science in mathematics happening on June 12th on this page).

The jury justifies his selection as follows:

The jury has selected the zbMATH Open project from a remarkably strong field, basing its decision on several key criteria outlined in the description of the prize. The first was the project's scope, which encompasses a wide range of interests within the mathematical community, including publications, software, and other resources. This broad scope ensures that the project is accessible and beneficial to all mathematicians, regardless of their geographical location or specific field of interest.

Additionally, the jury recognized the innovative and impactful nature of the zbMATH Open project, particularly noting recent additions such as software search capabilities and an API for retrieving machine-readable data. These enhancements
demonstrate a commitment to advancing collaboration and information sharing within the mathematical community.

Furthermore, the accessibility of the project was a crucial factor in the jury's decision. zbMATH Open is entirely open and free to use, ensuring that it is accessible to everyone, including those in countries or communities with limited technical
resources. This commitment to accessibility is further supported by volunteer reviewers from the mathematical community who contribute to the project.

As for the future, the jury acknowledged the potential risks associated with funding sources but noted the project's efforts to ensure long-term success, including a permanent grant from the Leibniz association and continuing policy changes aimed at enhancing sustainability.

In summary, the jury was impressed by the zbMATH Open project for its broad scope, recent policy changes, and commitment to accessibility and sustainability. zbMATH Open is a vital resource for the mathematical community, particularly in less developed countries where access to open resources is crucial.

"In a world faced with increasingly complex challenges, mathematics plays a vital role. It offers powerful tools for understanding and solving the problems of our time, whether climate change, public health or sustainable development. By highlighting contributions that benefit the scientific community as a whole, this prize illustrates a commitment to collective progress that is environmentally friendly and socially equitable."

Merieme Chadid, president of the International Scientific Council of UNESCO, and co-president of the jury of the Demailly prize.