The first volume is now available!

The first volume has now appeared and it contains the following articles:<br>
-János Kollár, "Conic bundles that are not birational to numerical Calabi-Yau pairs", arXiv:1605.04763<br>
-Marcello Bernardara, Emanuele Macrì, Benjamin Schmidt and Xiaolei Zhao "Bridgeland Stability Conditions on Fano Threefolds", arXiv:1607.08199<br>
-V. Balaji, P. Deligne and A.J. Parameswaran, "On complete reducibility in characteristic p", arXiv:1607.08564<br>
-Stéphane Druel "Some remarks on regular foliations with numerically trivial canonical class", arXiv:1610.00754<br>

posted on 2017-09-08 14:41:33  by  Benoît Claudon