Brini, Andrea and Cavalieri, Renzo - Crepant resolutions and open strings II

epiga:3879 - Épijournal de Géométrie Algébrique, 6 juillet 2018, Volume 2
Crepant resolutions and open strings II

Auteurs : Brini, Andrea and Cavalieri, Renzo

We recently formulated a number of Crepant Resolution Conjectures (CRC) for open Gromov-Witten invariants of Aganagic-Vafa Lagrangian branes and verified them for the family of threefold type A-singularities. In this paper we enlarge the body of evidence in favor of our open CRCs, along two different strands. In one direction, we consider non-hard Lefschetz targets and verify the disk CRC for local weighted projective planes. In the other, we complete the proof of the quantized (all-genus) open CRC for hard Lefschetz toric Calabi-Yau three dimensional representations by a detailed study of the G-Hilb resolution of $[C^3/G]$ for $G=\mathbb{Z}_2 \times \mathbb{Z}_2$. Our results have implications for closed-string CRCs of Coates-Iritani-Tseng, Iritani, and Ruan for this class of examples.

Source :
Volume : Volume 2
Publié le : 6 juillet 2018
Déposé le : 25 août 2017
Mots-clés : Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry,14N35


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